Understanding Exactly What Is A QR Code?

Have you ever seen those strange looking bar codes that are appearing on anything from a bag of potatoes to magazines? They are actually called QR codes and they are appearing everywhere. From the grocery store to a favorite restaurant, people find them just about anywhere these days. However, though they are seen about every day, many probably did not know they were called a QR code. These QR codes are rather new technology. They are bar codes that are made to be scanned by a smartphone. The code is actually two-dimensional and is put on a product for the purpose of advertising. The whole trick is that inside the code are links that can only be deciphered by a smart phone. When a phone scans this unique QR code, it will take them directly to that page that the company has designated. While this is new technology here in American, other parts of the country have been using it for the past decade. It is anticipated that soon it will be common place for all businesses in American to utilize this little bar code.

QR stands for Quick Response. The reason they got the name Quick Response is primarily because of the quick speeds that a mobile devise can read these codes. They are rather simple to use. The mobile phone scans the code and it will direct them straight to the advertisement or web site that the business intended. This state of the art technology is allowing people to view sales not yet released to the public, right from their mobile phone. There are many tactics being used by businesses to draw people into their businesses websites, where there they will ultimately turn interest into sales. This is a great place for people to offer incentives to get the interest built in a specific product or event.

While these might be a newer way of advertising in the United States, indicators show that is it gaining momentum. More than 30% of consumers are currently using this technology already, which leaves another 70% who still are not accessing it. Exactly how will businesses owners convert the other 70% to use the QR codes? There will always be a certain percentage of people who are just not interested in the latest technology. However, if businesses offer things that consumers just simply cannot pass by, they will have no choice but to start using QR codes as well. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Friends tell friends about their usage and the great deals they got using QR codes.

Many people wonder how these bar codes differ from the other bar codes used in a grocery store. They are different in the programing. The bar codes used for inventory purposes are simply to help ring a number into a pre-programed system. The QR bar codes direct the consumer to a specific website for the purpose of advertising or involvement in an event. While they are both bar codes, they are worlds apart and should not be confused.

While the technology seems easy enough, there is some programing that consumers with a mobile phone will need to do. First, they will need to go and download a code reader from the Internet. This is an application and will have a small fee attached. While it takes a short amount of time download this application, some people may not be comfortable doing it. After the application has been installed, they will then be set up to start reading the new two-dimensional bar codes. The sky is the limit when it comes to using the new and exciting bar codes. Since we are just on the cusp of this technology, it will take us to a whole new level in a short time.

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