Learning the Ins and Outs of SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing or SMS marketing is basically the same thing. Most mobile phones now have the ability to receive and respond to SMS messages. SMS stands for “short message service”. It is a type of advertising that is taking over the old standard methods. Going virtual is the way to get the word out about business and promotions. Today, children are starting as early as kindergarten learning all about computers and how to use them. With society being so technologically advanced, what better way to advertise to them?

When shoppers go to a store and clerks ask them for their phone number, they are doing this for SMS marketing. It seems anymore that people cannot just go and purchase something without being asked at least three or four questions by the cashier. Most stores will ask the following questions: What is your zip code? What is your telephone number? What is your email address? These are the top three questions that they ask. They enter responses to these questions into a computer system for a reason; they are going to use this data to sort demographically for sales tools. If a customer is a lady in a woman’s clothing store and she lives in the vicinity, they can send her a computer-generated text message to advertise store sales or coupons. It is a way of targeting the customers who already use their services and trying to retain their business. It also helps to bring in new business.

One way to target shoppers is by offering an incentive. If the store knows that someone shops there, they can offer them a coupon to get them back in the store. Based on the trends, they can see who has not been shopping there for a while. The goal of this type of advertising is to find out why they have not been shopping there and to get them back in to buy. It is a kind of personal service and communicating with the customers in new and inventive way. There are many methods to doing SMS. It goes beyond just promoting coupons. It is also possible to use interaction by simply asking customers a question and having them respond. This is also a great time to bring social media into the whole arena.
Businesses that are still not sold on the whole SMS concept may look at other people’s successes. Because the newspaper and magazine media are just not as effective as they once were, new and inventive ways are taking center stage in an effort to get customers into a business.

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