Should My Business Use QR Codes?

Most business owners are wondering if QR codes are something that is worth investing their time and money. In fact, QR codes can help promote the business while making an interactive setup that can actually get customers involved. There are many ways to use these codes. Some of the most popular methods are on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google Plus. Social media is free, as is the marketing done on these sites. By using these services combined with the QR code technology, the results can be quite impressive.

After the initial cost of programming, QR codes are then basically free for usage. Many businesses are using them to intensify an interest in a specific product or sale. During the holidays or a special event, sending out QR codes on social media outlets is a great way to generate new business. Recent market trends are depressive because people are being cautious with their money. Offering incentives is a great way to bring in new and old customers to the store or businesses. Coupons are a great way to help customers save while getting them to use the products or services.

While there are several compensatory reasons to using these QR codes, it is all really about the advertising aspect. Some would disagree and say that is it more about connecting with the customer on a different level. However, the entire purpose of using these outlets is to use diverse methods to attract new interest in the business. If a business is offering a coupon, most people are going to share this with their friends. One friend will tell another friend who will tell another friend. It is like the old game of telephone. Interest in the product or service will be spread more rapidly. People will be sharing and sending all of their friends the link to the business’ offer. Once the consumer scans the bar code, it stores the information in the phone. The information will remain there until someone deletes it.

Another added benefit is that the customer can quickly add your business information to their contacts on their phone. Storing business information on their phone can be very beneficial for the company. The company that is easy to access and that a customer has the information with them will usually be the one they will call when they need something. Most people do not have time to go find the Yellow Pages these days.

For those who are businesses owners who do not know where to start, or are unsure of investing money, it can successfully be done. This new method of marketing is here to stay. It took some time to get off the ground; but now people are wondering what these little bar codes are that are appearing all over there products. The entire setup process can easily be done online and for little cost. A business owner can do it themselves, or they can choose to have a management company handle it for them. There are websites that will help a business owner to generate the codes for free. There are numerous websites online which can help the business owner who is still confused about this new technology. The business who really wants to bust out with this new marketing and have a whole campaign could benefit from a smart developer’s help.

We are really just in the initial phases of the QR codes. However they definitely will benefit the business using them. Right now, the number of businesses using this technology is limited; however, projections show within a year, most business will be using these codes and reaping the benefits. If the codes do nothing else for a business, they can be a foot in the door for a sales call or product demonstration. If a proprietor is wondering where the first place to start, using social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube is a great place to test the waters and start using QR codes.

Possibly the companies that will benefit the most from this method of advertising are small shops. While this method of advertising will definitely benefit any size company, the returns for a small company can be more rewarding than what they thought. The codes can help give specifics about a business product or service. They can also release the company’s information and a brief history of how they started. It is an excellent way to promote special sales events. If one wants to give specific details about a new product, promotion by using QR codes is smart. The codes can be linked to social media giving customers a two- for- one approach to advertising.

While marketing technology is accelerating, not all consumers will have the ability to access this technology. It is important to include this percentage of people into the equation as well. It may be prudent to also include a link on how to access the product or service’s website address at home. Those who do not have the ability to access this link by smartphone may still want to get in on sales events. They can later access this information when they are near a computer. Though QR codes are still in their beginning stages, we will probably see an explosion of bar codes everywhere on everything in the near future.

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