What Does Near Field Communications Actually Do?

Every single day, we are in shopping malls, department stores, and restaurants. What if consumers could shop without carrying cash or credit? For those who have a smart phone, the ability to pay for purchases via the phone is now possible. Its sounds strange, but what would it be like to go get an ice cream cone by simply scanning a personal smartphone? It sounds pretty futuristic, but it is actually happening right now. The ice cream store that is equipped with a reader will scan the mobile phone, which will instantly deduct the money from a designated credit card. It can be done with the current smart phone that most people have. All shoppers need to do to get theirs activated is to simply set up the application on the smartphone. The minimal time investment will save a lot of time and perhaps crime in the long run.

The fact that a credit card’s information can be stored in a phone might seem unnerving to some; however, more and more consumers are utilizing this new technology. So what is NFC and why is everyone talking about it? NFC is an abbreviation for near field communication. This technology is allowing people to do record interactions between two devices within a few centimeters’ proximity of each other. The NFC chip allows consumers to use a wireless connection to pay for transactions with their phone. People visiting a favorite coffee shop or fast food restaurant will probably see a sign that advertises this method of payment

Most people already have the technology right in their phone. The NFC chip will send data to a reader, which is usually located beside a cash register. All the customer has to do is wave the phone in front of the reader and instantly, the purchase is paid. For many, it may be disturbing that private data can be so easily retrieved. However, as technology progresses, most people will embrace the convenience that NFC offers them when making transactions.

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