Do I Need To Use URL Shorteners

Have you ever heard of URL shorteners? Businesses are using them all the time because they are effective and easy. A URL can be long, really long, up to 100 or more characters. Try telling a customer to visit a website when they cannot even say it may be a problem. Basically, the shorter version of the URL routes them back to the page that the business originally wanted them on in the first place.

The benefit of using a URL shortener is that is can be tracked. A business owner can see how effective this method of advertising is, or how many people have visited their site. The whole concept for this started because texting has limited characters. When using mobile advertising, the messages have to fit within a certain format to be able to be read. Social media outlets, like Twitter, only allow 140 characters. That is big problem if the link itself is over 100. These shorter URLs just make sense for the business and customer.

There are many websites where consumers can enter the URL and it will automatically generate a shorter one. The new URL will still get people to the same site, but takes up less space in the text message. Another great benefit to the URL shortener is they are easy for people to remember. When doing sales promotions or sending out flyers, businesses do not want to enter a URL of over 100 letters and numbers; therefore, a shorter URL is perfect. A longer URL leaves plenty of room for operator error. Oftentimes in a web address, an S and a 5 might get mistaken. When using the shorter versions, it leaves little room for error.

URL links that have been shortened are easier for the business and customer to manage. The URLs can be easily tracked. Using target demographics, the URL can actually create statistical reports which can be beneficial to the company. This is a useful tool that businesses can use to help make things easier for their customers. Making things quick and easy for the customers only promotes and further draws attention to the business’ site.

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