Is Mobile Phone Advertising Worth The Hassle?

Most people have probably experienced mobile advertising and perhaps did not even know what it was. Social media websites have started a whole new era when it comes to advertising. Businesses are realizing that old style methods are no longer effective on their own. In order to reach a different generation, they need something new and fresh. The best way to get in touch with today’s generation is to get to their level. Nearly every person young and old is on one of the social networking sites and has a mobile phone. What a perfect way to get their attention. Not only will they accept ads more when something of value is attached, like a coupon, but they can also have fun with it.

The phone is like having a mini computer, right in the user’s hands. While surfing, paying bills, talking to love ones, and texting friends, customers can also entertain SMS messages from stores. They can be texting, talking, and surfing the web all within a matter of minutes. Why not get down onto their level and reach them with new and inventive ways.

It is understandable to be leery of a new technology. QR codes and mobile phone messaging is all new avenues to which some people have not yet adjusted. However, those who want to reap the benefits of the current advertising modes will be glad they did. Those who are doubtful about making an additional investment in mobile marketing may be losing a marvelous marketing benefit.

For example, perhaps a business might be a flower shop. The holiday periods such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and many others are all booming times. What is business like during slower months? Running a mobile marketing special on different arrangements and bouquets is an excellent way to get customers into the store. Not only will they potentially purchase other items, but they will also experience the professionalism and service that they can receive from the company. Social marketing is much more than just making a good deal. It is about letting people understand what the company is about and connecting with them on a social level. Running a mobile special could be profitable. Most people will tell their friends about a great deal, because good news can spread quickly. Word –of- mouth is an excellent mode of advertising. When businesses cannot depend on word of mouth alone, mobile marketing is the next best thing.

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